England should win their match against the Irish, though Ashok’s heart is with the Irish. Their spirit is infectious. The presence of Dubliner Ed Joyce in the English squad makes for an intriguing face off between the left handed opener and his former team mates. Comparisions to an India Pakistan match are evident, with the remnants of the past , not fully swept away from the imagination.

The Australian juggernaut will continue on Saturday when they face the young Bangladeshi side. Hayden will be eyeing another tonne. The tigers will have to be brave!

Ireland Vs England, Friday : 7 pm IST , SET MAX AND SAB TV
Australis Vs Bangladesh, Saturday : 7 pm IST, SET MAX and SAB TV

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The Windies take the field for the third day in a row, when they face the Kiwi’s in Antigua. Lara has shown that he can still stand resolute after a fine 77 against the Aussies. Chris Gayle has to fire. The predictors think the Kiwis will prevail because they possess a well balanced side and bat till late in the order.

7 pm IST on SET MAX (English) and SAB ( Hindi)


South Africa face Sri Lanka today, while the West Indies will start their run-chase against Australia if the weather permits. South Africa will be very wary of the Sri Lankan spinners. On the other side, the southpaw-dominated Lankan top order will be hoping to tackle Pollock and Co. the way Australia did. However, for that someone will need to fire.

From now on we shall try to bring you a further analysis than just predictions, time permitting that is. Mathew feels teams are perhaps reading a bit too much into Australia’s recent unsuccessful total defences and the way Hayden is going, it may not be a good idea to put them in first on good tracks.

Here’s our prediction for today.
South Africa v/s Sri Lanka
AKG: South Africa
MJV: Sri Lanka
Match starts 1900 IST on SET MAX (English) and SAB TV (Hindi).


The Super Eight begins today, without two big names, India and Pakistan. But the intense rivalry will go on regardless. The astute oracles that we are, we have been proved otherwise in the last few days. This is a chance for redemption. The red hot Australians are making their opponents dance, but will the Windies follow suit? The Windies have home support and a certain Chris Gayle, along with the post-wicket celebration guru, Dwayne Bravo , which could be deterrents to the Aussie arsenal. Both the predictors, Ashok and Mathew think, and pray that the Windies win today!!

1900 IST on SET MAX (English) and SAB TV (Hindi).

Showdown – Matchday Thirteen

The last match of the group stages shall see Bangladesh take on Bermuda.

Our prediction:
Bangladesh v/s Bermuda
AKG and MJV: Bangladesh. If Bermuda does, Mathew thinks India will win the World Cup.
Match starts at 1900 IST on SET MAX.

Showdown – Matchday Twelve

Supporters of the Indian team may be mourning the looming exit (since Bangladesh still need to beat Bermuda) of the Indian cricket team, but today a cracker of a match is on offer. The world’s top two sides – South Africa and Australia (in order of rankings)- square-off at the Warner Park Stadium, St.Kitts and Nevis.

The other match of the day features England and Kenya. Kenya will be hoping to defeat England to qualify for the next round and rid criticism that its 2003 performance was largely due to the the unwillingness of the Kiwis to travel to Nairobi.

Our predictions for today.

South Africa v/s Australia
AKG and MJV: South Africa.
Match starts at 1900 IST on SET MAX and DD-1.

England v/s Kenya
AKG: England
MJV: Kenya
Match starts at 1900 IST on SAB TV.

Hopefully, if India exits the tournament, we should at least get to watch some more action in between the ads. I guess the only team that has done worse than the Indian cricket team is the production team for this World Cup. Hope to view something better, as this team in all probability can’t be knocked out till the tournament ends.

Showdown – Matchday Eleven

Today’s the big one. India have to beat Sri Lanka to qualify for the next round. West Indies will take on Ireland in the other match of the day; the Irish will be hoping that an upset win this time around won’t have similar repercussions as the last one. Though both the teams have qualified for the next stage, this match is important as two points to be carried forward to the next stage are up for grabs.

So, as usual, our showdown for today.

India v/s Sri Lanka
AKG and MJV: India
Match starts at 1900 IST on SET MAX (English), SAB TV (Hindi) and DD-1.

Ireland v/s West Indies
AKG and MJV: West Indies
Match starts at 2000 IST on PIX.