Showdown – World Cup Matchday Predictions

The spiritual concept of the power of “now” can be seen quite clearly in a game of cricket. Its uncertainties make it a sport one should be wary of making predictions on. The men on the field wouldn’t be bothered about who said what before the match. But don’t we all like to take that odd wager. Kingdoms have fallen because of failed bets and fortunes unimagined showered on lucky winners.

In Showdown, our contributors Ashok Kumar Ganguly and Mathew J. Varghese will stick their necks out and try to predict the winning team for the day. We shall keep score, one for every right pick, no points for a wrong one.

Here’s the Showdown for today match – Pakistan v/s West Indies.
Ashok Kumar Ganguly: I will go ahead and say that the Pakistani’s will win this match. I say this because they have been in a huge mess in the run up to the world cup and they play their best when things get the worst for them. Lets see how things pan out… 6 hours to go… God… I can’t take it….

Mathew J. Varghese: Playing at home in front of the steel bands, I would expect the boys from the Caribbean to kick-start the World Cup with a bang. The embarrassing loss to India in the warm-ups notwithstanding, I feel Lara and Co. can outwit the unpredictable Pakistanis. Can’t wait to witness the electrifying atmosphere in Jamaica.


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